"The best laid plans of mice and men..."

So today my presentation idea fell apart. Although a little disappointed, it was only because the campers are so invested in their individual projects. I gave them the handouts, at least, to try later. But, today was run more like an Open Lab.

In the morning, we had a Bright Shiny Object Presentation from Mr. Ruch. He's the COO of Justin Timberlake's web site. He showed us Justin's website, but also demo'd a web based video app that is soon to be launched for the iphone called Robo.to
The campers loved it! Then, a few campers showed their favorite web-based creation tools like pivot.com and xtranormal.com. Afterwards, everyone headed down to our WYPL studios where we looked at the technologies that drive the communications industry. They even were allowed to create a short TV segment, and a brief Booktalk.

After all that excitement, and a brief lunch break, everyone was back at creating projects. With only two days left before judging and presentations, everyone was working fast and furiously.

I'll post some picts tonight of the WYPL studios and the setup for today's session.


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