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WPL's Digital Literary Magazine is now over. We had our last two sessions and the kids finished their final projects. The theme was food, and the magazine will be called Digital Cafe. The final projects were based on a pretty loose assignment I gave them. They had to include text (speech bubbles or some kind of narration), sound, and animation and also be a story (we defined "story" together). They also had to include at least one element of food.

So...most of the kids finished their projects. They're all right. If you imagine the kind of story that a 11-year-old would write, well, that's the kind of Scratch project they made. Depends on the 11-year-old. Some are pretty sketchy, some are quite elaborate. They all had very creative ideas. I wish we had had more time to make the projects longer, more detailed, and more finished-looking. Maybe next year I'll change the way the class is configured.

Some of the projects are here.

Within the next few weeks, a coworker and I will post all the projects on our WPL website in some kind of coherent format. I'll post that link later.

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Comment by Jen on August 12, 2009 at 8:14am
I think they're charming - I just wish I had turned the sound down on my computer, some of the sound effects were ear-splitting. The one kids laugh was hilarious. Can't wait to see more

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