Today was the second day of Teen Tech Camp here in Memphis, TN. I previously posted a gallery of our teens' work on a project called "All About Me" for our Orientation session. Yesterday, we made a project where one Sprite was controlled by moving the mouse. We also added Animation and Sound to these projects. Today we stepped things up another notch with Simple Chase Game instructions. The campers all made at least one game and posted it to Scratch. Almost every camper is also working on a larger independent project that they are adding to and updating daily. We have in progress: games, choose your own adventure stories, how-to demos, and a few animations or tv shows/sitcoms. Tomorrow, our formal project is going to be Side-Scrolling. Basically, the teens are viewing a short presentation in the morning session. They then follow the instructions to make their own version of the technique covered. Then, in the afternoon, they breakout into smaller groups and work together or individually towards their own particular goals. [We have the luxury of having the same 24 campers for an entire week.]

We are trying to arrange some time for campers to share things on the AV System that they find particularly useful online to create content for Scratch. These guys have great ideas, and they really love to show them off. And even teach one another if given the chance. It's been a great week, and sort of mind-blowing so far. I took some pictures of how focused they were today on John's camera, and we should be posting them shortly.

Also, I am going to post the updated link to our Teen Tech Camp Gallery below. Check out the stuff they have made so far.


p.s. We have some more paper surveys to send in as well! The campers filled out a long survey on the first day. I am going to ask them to fill a short one out on Wednesday, and wrap up the camp on Friday with another long survey.

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Comment by Jen on July 22, 2009 at 7:44am
Wow! It all sounds wonderful - great investment from you guys, great engagement from the youth! Can't wait for more!
Comment by on July 21, 2009 at 8:21pm
The tutorial we are using tomorrow. Plus, one of our campers figured out a less glitchy method that he's going to demonstrate!

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