Sorry I haven't posted anything in so long. We've been having a great Summer Reading Club, which means we have been very busy [ it's a quality problem really ].

Another problem we have been having here is a weak and faltering wireless connection, as well as a broadband connection that is less than stellar. Today though, we have had a major breakthrough!

Our local bloodbank, Lifeblood, has let us borrow a Procurve Wireless Access Point. We configured everything today, and things are finally looking up! Almost every laptop is working, those without wireless cards, we are going to either buy a Linksys or Belkin external card, or use an extra Switch that Lifeblood loaned us to go with the Access Point. So, we should have more things to post this Thursday [ or Friday unless I'm feeling very energized at about 9pm], which is the Orientation for our week long Teen Tech Camp. Then, we are going to try the Access Point on Tuesday for our Open Lab. This is a test run only, and we have to return the hardware after Teen Tech Camp, but another local business [ Semmes-Murphy ] is trying to donate a Cisco Wireless Access Point to Youth Services! Yay!

So, my lesson for today is always ask for help. There are people who would love to if given the chance.


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Comment by keithbraafladt on July 10, 2009 at 11:28am
Yay! and it sounds like you have patience and peristance ! Great work on solving these problems! ( and great pix)

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