I set up an informal drop-in Scratch workshop in the Children's area here at Brookdale last Friday. Unfortunately, Fridays are one of our quietest times, and traffic was light.

All but one of the 4 kids who stopped in were pressed for time, so there wasn't a lot of time to let them poke around and explore. I showed them how to make or import a sprite, how to add costume changes, and a few rudimentary blocks for costume change and movement. Here's the only project I was able to capture:

I liked the placement in the Kids area-- it has higher visibility than the Teen tables, plus the grade school kids are
easier to rope into trying something new.

I chose this time for a workshop because we happened to have plenty of staff that day. Unfortunately, our kid/teen traffic patterns on weekdays have lately shifted to later in the afternoon into early evening, and that's just when we either have staff changes, dinner breaks, and/or not enough staff to support a program, even an informal one. Weekend staffing is also fairly minimal. Having the most people when we need them the least is a staffing issue way beyond my little Scratch programs, so I'll have to explore solutions within the system as it is.

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Comment by Jen on March 28, 2010 at 10:36am
did you bring out a laptop or use a regular workstation? I wonder if we should try and do some kind of tabletop sign that points out we have scratch on all our public access computers?

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