Here's what I thought about our second Media Mash-up Open Studio.

So, I was really pumped and hopeful about last session. We had so many teens!
But, this session was a little more laid back. We only had three teens. They were repeat attendees, AND they came with ideas. Like full pages of notes, or examples of other Scratch programs that they were interested in emulating. Wow! I could hardly believe it. One teen had even gone home and set up an account, friended a user, set up Favorites, and made or remixed like three projects. He was great. I taught him a thing or two and he taught me like twenty. It was really fun to watch his process.
The other two teens dropped in a little late. They both had loads of ideas, but little focus or knowledge about the program. We started going through the basics with an extended goal in mind. Hopefully they will come back and we'll keep working towards their goals/ideas.
Here's what we posted to the gallery so far.

Also, we found a few unknown resources here in Memphis. CBU [Christian Brothers University] has been working with Scratch and giving workshops for the last two years. They are also spearheading, with the blessings of the Scratch Team and Lifelong Kindergarten. While Mary and I were speaking with the professor from CBU, he mentioned that Whitestation School is also teaching Scratch. Then, while we were setting up for yesterday's program, a teacher from Riverdale came by and asked for some information so that she could get her students creating with Scratch.

So while yesterday's turn-out was a bit disappointing, there were so many other positive things happening that it seemed like once again a good program.

That's all from Memphis right now!
Oh, BTW, we couldn't get the Youth survey to load. We tried linking directly from this site and from the Excel spreadsheet link. I don't know...just wanted to mention it.

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Comment by Aurora on March 4, 2009 at 2:19pm
i will be making good use of thanks.

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