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Scratch in the January/February issue of Computers in Libraries

Just saw an article by Juan Romero of the Free Library of Philadelphia describing after school technology programs hosted at the library. Although his main focus is on the LEGO robotics programs offered at the library, he also mentions FLP's Scratch and PicoCrickets offerings. Based upon my reading of the article, it's not very clear who is staffing these programs: they seem to rely a great deal upon Penn undergraduates to run the workshops.

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Interview with Keith on the ScratchEd page

Was I the last person to notice this? A very nice, although brief, article about Keith and the LTC:

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Retrogaming event and Asteroids workshop

In Wilmette we've occasionally implemented an approach to workshops that combines a certain type of project with an existing affinity group such as our Anime Club or Game Design Club. Most recently we offered a program that included a retro gaming competition on the front end, followed by a game design workshop in which participants could make their own version of the seminal video game "Asteroids!"

The idea for this approach came out of a meeting of our Game Design Club as they were… Continue

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Computer Clubhouse

Just sharing a recent series of interviews on the Henry Jenkns blog that focus upon the Computer Clubhouse network:

- Brian

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Scratch handouts

I've shared some random Scratch handouts on Google Docs; feel free to use them if you think they're any good. I have several additional handouts (I've been calling them "Scratchlets") to share, but here's the issue: After running/supportng a Robocode tournament last summer my Toshiba died & now needs a new motherboard (or at least needs repair to the motherboard). So most of my stuff is trapped on a machine that won't boot up. I'll be adding more of these Scratchlets as I recover them. -… Continue

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Ricarose Roque visit with the Wilmette Game Design Club

Ricarose visited with a group of about 14 of our Game Design Club members this evening. We put out some pizza and snacks and had an informal Q & A (which also included RR's new husband, Brian Keegan, who is doing his Ph.D at Northwestern in Media Studies).

Following this dialogue Ricarose gave us a Starlogo TNG demonstration, with the kids following along on laptops. This was a great opportunity for some of our more engaged and active members, and I only regret that none of our… Continue

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October CiL article by Jason Hyatt

I'm reading a very fine article in the October issue of Computers in Libraries about PLCMC's educational technology outreach programs. It was coauthored by Jason Hyatt - nice job Jason!

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Third series of formal 2-part workshops - Wilmette

The first workshop was structured in the same manner as past workshops: a demonstration of sample Scratch projects; an exploration of the Scratch website; the Scratch intro video; an exploration of the Scratch design environment followed by a period of unstructured exploration.

For the second workshop I tried something different. This time, rather than lead everyone through an overarching project, I invited each participant to work on something of their own, while my teen tech… Continue

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Scratch project to promote our Summer Reading Program

This was created by Molly, one of our teen tech volunteers, to promote our summer reading program:

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2nd formal workshop in Wilmette

We hosted our second in a series of two-part workshops in Wilmette March 23-24 with 11 kids in attendance.

We had computer issues during the 1st day as a result of incomplete maintenance left over from the prior week. So I kept them an hour while we demonstrated Scratch projects and set up a Scratch account for everyone using my laptop and the one or two that were available.

On day two everything went fine. We went almost four hours (!) to make up for lost time the… Continue

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hmmm . . .

if (scratchEdSite() == null)
getNing().addObject(new MediaMashUp(), getX(), getY());
while (i=0; i=>numLibMentors; i++)
librarian.drawString("Librarian: " + i.LibMentor + i.Library, 1, 12);

drawString("Thanks Keith"}



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