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Bringing the mountain to Mohammed

Cynthia, myself, and Toby from the Teen Tech Squad brought 6 laptops and 4 drawing pads to the after school program at Zanewood Recreation Center, which is located about 4 blocks from a junior high. We were set up around a round table in the game room alongside the Wii, pool table, TV, etc. We didn't have a theme or project this time, but as it turned out the drawing pads were a draw (no pun intended), so that got the ball rolling. We instructors circulated and helped kids individually. Having… Continue

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Light Drop-in Traffic on a Friday

I set up an informal drop-in Scratch workshop in the Children's area here at Brookdale last Friday. Unfortunately, Fridays are one of our quietest times, and traffic was light.

All but one of the 4 kids who stopped in were pressed for time, so there wasn't a lot of time to let them poke around and explore. I showed them how to make or import a sprite, how to add costume changes, and a few rudimentary blocks for costume change and movement. Here's the only project I was able to… Continue

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Spring Scratch at Rogers Library

I was pinch-hitting for Cynthia earlier this month and got to assist the Teen Tech Squad with a workshop at Rogers, one of the more outlying branches in HCL.

There were 6 boys in 4th and 5th grade, and none of them had used Scratch before. The teens gave a fairly brief introduction to the Scratch website. Then they went through just the basic functions: how to find or make a sprite, and how to make costumes; stamping, cutting, and enlarge/shrink; a few basic command and motion blocks.… Continue

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Fruit Jams II: Revenge of the Pineapple

Okay, so the pineapple was pretty docile. But if produce could rise up and wreak havoc, it had good cause on Tuesday and Wednesday, when we encouraged 5th-7th graders to stab them repeatedly (and gleefully) with paperclips until they made crazy noises. If any revenge was exacted, it was in the form of an insidious stickiness we're still finding in random places.

We held Round 2 of this workshop in Brookdale's large meeting room, with 5 staggered… Continue

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Workshop at Brookdale HCL

Disclaimer: sorry, this got kind of long. Feel free to skip to the project gallery at the end. :) Last week Cynthia and I and another colleague held a two-part Scratch workshop for kids entering grades 5-6. We had a full turn-out of 12 kids one day and 14 the next. Our public training room has 13 computers, so we had to shoe-horn in a few laptops the second day. The focus was animation. Specifically, the seed idea was making a character, then making them a superhero with an arch-enemy and/or a… Continue

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open lab at HCL-Brookdale

I'm a bit behind in my blogging here. The last Saturday in March was my second informal Scratch open lab. It was the first one since we got our snazzy new Bamboo drawing pads, so drawing made a natural focus. We used both Scratch and Art Rage; some kids just messed around with drawing, and others incorporated it into some kind of Scratch project.

The attendance numbers for "formal" and open lab sessions have been pretty similar so far, but the open labs feel more successful to me. I… Continue

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new gaming-based public school in NY

I'm just full of blog this week. I heard about this on the radio yesterday and thought y'all might be interested:

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the power of swag

Last week, Cynthia and I represented the library at North View Junior High's Family Literacy Night. We had a table with some info about programs and such. As all of you who have attended or repped at a community event know, offering something interactive is always a good idea, and prizes are even better.

We brought a couple laptops, a few sets of Scratch cards, and some random giveaway swag. We lured in passing students with a challenge: pick a card, any card; make it work and win a… Continue

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Killa bunnies and more

I held my first Scratch workshop of the year on Thursday: Make an eValentine. Overall, I was very encouraged by how it went. Cynthia came over from her library to be my wing man, which was immensely helpful, and the 2 drawing tablets she brought were very popular. I also had a teen volunteer who is new to Scratch but learning fast. I tied in this workshop with my regular weekly after school program, so the teens who came weren't there specifically to learn Scratch or even for this project. But… Continue

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