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YALSA Virtual Conference

You all did a wonderful job- hope you enjoy hearing the fruits of your labors! http://

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PLA - Over and Out

Kelly, Erica Sternin (Seattle), Janet and Hedra Packman (Free Library/Philadelphia) did a wonderful job at our presentation on Friday afternoon. We had a nice turn out - I think the room held about 250 and it was almost full. Our audience was interested and engaged and had lots of practical questions - the idea of using flash drives to avoid issues of network security seemed to capture a lot of interest.

Thanks to each of you for your time and energy!

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MacArthur Foundation on Digital Media learning

Here's a nice presentation about the importance of digital content creation for youth. Nichole Pinkard talks about her work at Youmedia (Chicago Public).

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Congratulations to Cynthia and Jason

Both Cynthia and Jason have been selected by ALA to participate in an Emerging Leaders program during 2010. I'm not at all surprised and totally excited for both. If they represent the future of libraries, we're in excellent hands!

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MIT Scratch Team on Scratch

This is a really nice article by the creators of Scratch -- Scratch Programming for all.

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Kudos to Kelly

Check out the newly released Digital Story Telling In Practice Library Technology Report that Kelly authored. Way to go!

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Workshop Guide

here's a nice guide to planning a workshop from ScratchEd - Workshop Design Guide

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If you haven't had a chance to visit the new ScratchEd site, I'd encourage you to. Among the great information on the site is a set of curriculum resources created by members of the Scratch Team and the larger Scratch Community. Karen Brennan and Evelyn Eastmond, for example, both have some great plans posted.

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Creative Commons Sources for Sound

30+ Places to find creative commons media. Check out this resource for music and sound for Scratch projects.

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An approach to teaching Scratch

Fenway Gaming is a blog from a school library media specialist that taught a short course for high school sophomores on gaming that incorporated Scratch.

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Digital Storytelling

Here are some websites that provide more information on digital storytelling that maybe helpful to you as you think about ways to engage youth with Scratch. Much of the information about digital storytelling focuses on how to use the tools; my goal was to collect resources related to how to tell stories and work with youth to get them to tell stories.

Center for Digital Storytelling

Check out the resources page…


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Photos from Wilmette Scratch Day

Check out the photos Janet posted from Scratch Day-- looks like it was a good turn out and fun! Thanks Team Wilmette!

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Scratch Day in the media

This page links to a couple articles about Scratch Day that appeared in the national media. Check out Phil Shapiro's (Washington Post or PC World) he provides links to resources for teaching Scratch that you might find valuable.

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Website for Documents related to the project

Here is the Media MashUp page at Hennepin County Library's Extranet. I'll be using it to post reports and newsletters for wider ease of distribution. Please feel free to forward the link to anyone you know who is interested in the project.

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Story telling in Scratch

In several of our recent check in conversations staff have mentioned an interested in thinking about how to use Scratch for story telling and narrative. I've been reviewing various sets of projects on the scratch site with that in mind. Please let me know if you're interested in the topic for workshop planning. I'll be creating a gallery and posting idea-projects there in the near future. And if you know something about story telling, please let everyone know!

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Hanging Out, Messing Around, Geeking Out

There's a creative commons version of a new book published as part of the MacArthur Foundation's Digital Youth Project; the primary author/leader researcher on the project was MImi Ito. The book addresses informal learning with digital media, and while I haven't read it all, I've read much of what Ito's written in the past, and it's excellent. Here's a link to the full text: Hanging Out.

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Workshop Outlines

I posted and shared a google doc with everyone that has about 10 workshop ideas and links to scratch galleries that have related projects. If you end up using one of the ideas and develop an outline, please post in google docs. Thanks!

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Web site with Scratch Lesson Plans

Just ran across this site, it has some lesson plans for scratch -- aimed at teacher/schools, but maybe helpful. If you use, please make appropriate attribution to the creators : D Hawk

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Disclaimer for publicity related to workshops

I heard back from IMLS and we do need to add a disclaimer to any publicity that we generate, in print or web-based, for programs. Here is language to use: Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this program/website do not necessarily represent those of the Institute for Museum and Library Services.

Let me know if you have questions.

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TMI in a nutshell

Hey everyone, I realized that I sent out a ton of information last week asking for you to do specific things. So in the interests of trying to provide clear information, here's a summary of the steps you need to take in implementing your library's Media MashUp work.

1. Select dates for workshops/open labs and post on the Google Calendar (or send to me for posting).

2. Add an outline or description of what you'll be teaching to Google Docs and share with everyone (or just me and… Continue

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