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Hot off the press!

Just posted a new tutorial for Teen Tech Camp, and our Media Mashup Labs. Any thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? All are appreciated.
Stay tuned, cause there's gunna be a handout!

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MPL Open Lab 05/26/2009

Hi everyone,

Sorry I couldn't post last night. Summer is officially here and so too our busiest time in Library-land. We had a great Open Lab Session yesterday. We had twelve participants. Most of our audience are consistently tweens, but yesterday afternoon there were five older teens in attendance. We are talking about splitting the sessions up so that we have programming in Children's for the younger participants, and a separate time for the older guys in the YA area. This would do two… Continue

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Free Sound Effects

Hey guys,

This site went around our library system a while back, and I found it again preparing for Teen Tech Camp. The site is

This is what our Technical Trainer had to say about the site:

"Soungle is an easy way to search for free sound effects. Just be aware that you might want to play around with different keywords - A search for 'airplane' has only one result, whereas a search for 'plane has 10 and 'jet has another 10. All audio clips are easily… Continue

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Teaching Scratch using Scratch.

Hey guys,

Mary, John, and I have been kicking around the idea of teaching Scratch using Scratch for our Teen Tech Camp. Mostly, this would allow us to become really familiar with the programming language, but also we can then embed the Scratch program in our Teen Page and it could be accessed from anywhere - by anyone. This also seems to open up opportunities with future programming at our branches, which are a little understaffed at the moment.

Anyway, check out the first… Continue

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Another Open Lab in Memphis...

Today was not the best session. We couldn't connect to the internet. Then somehow the session began to take a music focus. I showed a few participants Audacity, which they quickly gave up on. Then, we began trying to make some beats and interesting things to record by using a Scratch/Audacity combo. I think they learned a lot and experienced some new things, but it was crazy.

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So, I need a little help with the idea of "gravity" in Scratch.

We've accomplished quite a few things with the idea of "sensing", that is sensing when one color is and is not on top of another color. But, this approach is a little buggy and I decided perhaps we should set up "gravity" as a variable. I thought, naively enough that if "gravity" was set as 0, I could program things that were greater than zero to "fall" to zero gravity. It's not working so far. Just cannot completely wrap my head around it. Any suggestions?

Just trying to help user… Continue

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The Youth Survey Worked!

We had another rather successful Open Lab here in Memphis today. We were expecting our regular crowd, but nearly half of our attendees were new. The regulars began the session by trying out the Youth Survey, which hadn't worked for us before. Today the survey was a success.

The noobs started out playing around on Scratch, getting a feel for the projects already posted and the social aspects of ScratchR. Then I started introducing the program to them. Before long they were making some… Continue

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Open Lab today here in Memphis.

We had another successful Open Lab today in Memphis. Only five of our regulars participated, and everyone spent a lot of time enjoying different Featured Projects on the Scratch website. A few worked on extended projects/games that they have been developing for a while.

All in all, it was a laid back and fun session.
Hillary Pesson

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Another Open Lab here in Memphis...

And, we still had a core group of five in attendance. It seems that formal sessions are drawing more of an audience than the Open Labs. Any ideas for ways to fuse the two formats?

Here's another question: We have a teen who comes into the sessions with his brother's, he has creative ideas, and lots of enthusiatic energy. But, teaching him is difficult because he seems to be unable to read, sequence, or follow directions. If I stand next to him and ask him questions, or prompt him, he… Continue

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So, we have had 2 out of the 3 sessions planned for Teen Tech Week here at Memphis Public...

So far, so good. We had a little bit of difficulty yesterday with the Scratch website and connectivity issues [at our Open Lab], but that seemed resolved today. Our very first formal session went really, really well!

Check out our gallery at:

We did a Simple Animation, One hour session today. The formal setting was much less chaotic, and all user's efforts resulted in posts to the ScratchR site. We had about eight teens in… Continue

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Here's what I thought about our second Media Mash-up Open Studio.

So, I was really pumped and hopeful about last session. We had so many teens!

But, this session was a little more laid back. We only had three teens. They were repeat attendees, AND they came with ideas. Like full pages of notes, or examples of other Scratch programs that they were interested in emulating. Wow! I could hardly believe it. One teen had even gone home and set up an account, friended a user, set up Favorites, and made or remixed like three projects. He was great. I taught him… Continue

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So, we had our very first drop-in session of Media Mash-up today [here in Memphis]... was great. We had ten teens who were very enthusiastic. From the beginning they were interested in game making and animation. Whew. Initially, there was a little frustration, but it wasn't long before some "Awesome"s rang out. They stayed way over time, and the only thing that broke them away from the computers was a short session of Katamari Damacy.

No one wanted to post today, but we did have a few programs that we saved to jump drives. Hopefully, the 24th's session will result in… Continue

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