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Well, Teen Tech Camp is over, but...

...we are having an Open Lab session this afternoon from 2:30-4:30. Hopefully, some of the campers will come back to visit us. We are planning appropriately by scheduling a larger room than our usual space. Also, the Teen Tech Camp Gallery has been updated with all projects but a few [Some campers' usernames are not coming up when I do a Search in Scratch. Anyone else having this difficulty?].

Here's the link to the updated Gallery:… Continue

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Wrapping up our projects and debugging.

So, today's session of Teen Tech Camp was more like an Open Lab. Each camper is working towards an individual [or group] goal. All of their projects seem different. We have several games, some demonatrations/tutorials, some animations, and a few storytelling projects...there is even a group working on a singing project. [They have been recording their voice tracks for the last few days.] Our campers are very engaged. It's really an amazing thing to see. We have to call five minutes 'til time at… Continue

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Side-Scrolling today.

"The best laid plans of mice and men..."

So today my presentation idea fell apart. Although a little disappointed, it was only because the campers are so invested in their individual projects. I gave them the handouts, at least, to try later. But, today was run more like an Open Lab.

In the morning, we had a Bright Shiny Object Presentation from Mr. Ruch. He's the COO of Justin Timberlake's web site. He showed us Justin's website, but also demo'd a web based video app that… Continue

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Our Second Day of Teen Tech Camp.

Today was the second day of Teen Tech Camp here in Memphis, TN. I previously posted a gallery of our teens' work on a project called "All About Me" for our Orientation session. Yesterday, we made a project where one Sprite was controlled by moving the mouse. We also added Animation and Sound to these projects. Today we stepped things up another notch with Simple Chase Game instructions. The campers all made at least one game and posted it to Scratch. Almost every camper is also working on a… Continue

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Teen Tech Camp Orientation

Hi all,

Last night was Teen Tech Camp Orientation here in Memphis. We had some very involved participants! I have posted some photos of last night's event. Most everyone was engaged and playing with possibilities from the moment we introduced Scratchr the website. Nearly everyone successfully created and account and posted their first project "All About Me". It was a formal session, and I have been working on the handout for quite some time now. Hopefully, I can post the final… Continue

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Major Breakthrough in Memphis...

Sorry I haven't posted anything in so long. We've been having a great Summer Reading Club, which means we have been very busy [ it's a quality problem really ].

Another problem we have been having here is a weak and faltering wireless connection, as well as a broadband connection that is less than stellar. Today though, we have had a major breakthrough!

Our local bloodbank, Lifeblood, has let us borrow a Procurve Wireless Access Point. We configured everything today, and… Continue

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