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Here's what I thought about our second Media Mash-up Open Studio.

So, I was really pumped and hopeful about last session. We had so many teens!

But, this session was a little more laid back. We only had three teens. They were repeat attendees, AND they came with ideas. Like full pages of notes, or examples of other Scratch programs that they were interested in emulating. Wow! I could hardly believe it. One teen had even gone home and set up an account, friended a user, set up Favorites, and made or remixed like three projects. He was great. I taught him… Continue

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So, we had our very first drop-in session of Media Mash-up today [here in Memphis]... was great. We had ten teens who were very enthusiastic. From the beginning they were interested in game making and animation. Whew. Initially, there was a little frustration, but it wasn't long before some "Awesome"s rang out. They stayed way over time, and the only thing that broke them away from the computers was a short session of Katamari Damacy.

No one wanted to post today, but we did have a few programs that we saved to jump drives. Hopefully, the 24th's session will result in… Continue

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