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New Scratch Game booklet

We have a new improved and updated Scratch Game booklet for Scratch 2.0. Kelley Meister, and instructor at the Science Museum just reviewed and revised the new edition! The booklet is a printable pdf (in color or b/w) you can give out to your Scratchers to help support the game design process. We've found this is a great way to design and develop ideas into games, and to take notes throughout the development process.

Dowload: …


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Media Mashup book

The American Library Association published a book based on the Media Mashup project. You can find it on the  ALA website, and an…


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Scratch + Google Maps mashup -

This is part of the My Excellent Vacation template- a project to bring together Scratch and google docs!

Here's the link if you want to use and share this.

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Three updated templates

Hi all,

Cynthia, Sabrina, Jen and myself have been working on our template that we will be using for the documents generated by the project. Here are three working docs. These include the IMLS attributions.

I'm attaching them as pdf's but they are all MS Word docs in the .doc form or .docx. We'll take a look at them in our final meeting in Minneapolis as well.

A simple 2-page intro to Scratch:…


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Whew! that was something: Science Museum Scratch Day 2010!

We hosted about 12 scratch workshops this day! We had about 80 family participants ( we sold out the sessions) throughout the day. We tried some Media Mashup -created programming.... Magic 8Ball - thanks Janet!

And even gave away 6 Scratchday computers with Ubuntu operating system on them - provided by a local group of FreeGeekers! ( you would have been proud, Hillary)

- volunteers galore!

All in all it was a very nice day...… Continue

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Check out the Map!

We've added a Google map of the project sites and dissemination travels below on the home page. Send us additions, corrections or edits. This project is big!

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Videos from travels to Charlotte and Seattle

Hi All,
I was able to visit both coasts for terrific visits with Jason and Kelly in Charlotte and Mahina, Rachel, and Erica in Seattle. I took a little flip camera and captured a bit of both visits...
Thank you!

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WeDo + Scratch for storytelling?

Hi all I'm just back from an amazing trip to Seattle with Mahina, Rachel and Erica and an earlier trip to Charlotte with Kelly and Jason and the Imaginon.

In both of my visits I was able to see amazing innovations in library environments/ architecture!

- I brought a project idea out to share - the notion of doing storytelling of sorts with the WeDo robotics kit and Scratch to create puppets. I made a catfish puppet ( the original idea to bring a catfish was for Charlotte and a rich… Continue

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Mini Update... 1.4 change of heart (and mind)

I went ahead this past weekend on our summer programs - and upgraded all 44 computers ( not including staff) to the new version of 1.4

- The short reason is that the Monday after the weekend of the launch of 1.4, we had a student in one of our Scratch classes say "why don't you have 1.4?" This really shows who's leading this 21st century change. I had already decided to wait to the end of summer. Then I heard this comment. Also one of my summer teachers said they didn't feel that it… Continue

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New version of Scratch is out 1.4

Hi all,

the new version with some additions and improvements is out. Take a look:

I realize that libraries may not be able to use this with patrons til Lab images are updated, but it may be fun to try the new version. At the Science Museum we are in full swing with our summer program - which means as excited as we may be, we'll be holding off on… Continue

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Media Mashup Featured Gallery

Hi Everyone

After talking with Kelly I've changed the home page and added an RSS feed for a featured gallery. To add projects to this gallery so they show up on the MashUp home page,

- go to a project you like

- underneath, click on the "Add to Gallery"

- on the top of the gallery list, you'll see a button called "shared by my friends" ( hopefully we are all friends)

- click this and one of the galleries that show up should be the "Media-MashUp featured… Continue

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Project Posting Test

Scratch Project

This is a Scratch project posting in a blog.( Its actually for Kelly from her library) The blogs do not let us put the cool embed HTML code into them so we can just see the project here... they only allow us to link to an image of the project with a link to the Scratch site.

Its a limitation of the Ning site. But actually I've found this works a bit better because loading the Scratch project takes… Continue

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Introduction to Sabrina Sutliff-Gross

We're adding a new staff to the Media Mashup team.

Sabrina Sutliff-Gross is currently working as Sr. Program Coordinator in my department at the Science Museum.

Sabrina brings an amazing amount of experience to the MashUp project. She has coordinated and taught the summer and school-year programs that the Learning Technologies Center runs for youth and also coordinated programs for our Adult Group Programs - workshops conferences and lectures - she's pretty amazing! As well she has… Continue

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Please post some images of your library workshop spaces

Hi Everyone,

Please take a couple photos of where you do your programs; the environment, details of the space ( and it would be wonderful if you could have some images of patrons as well!

1 Add your photos

2 jot down some details of what the image shows

3 create a new album for your library and add your photos to it.

I uploaded a few older images of North Regional Library from the Hennepin County Library system, and perhaps Aaron you can add some more recent… Continue

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Trying to organize documentation

Hi Everyone,

I've added a tab "Documents" to try to add some organization to the documentation we're all creating for programs.

- check it out - I've just added an outline of an introductory activity with Scratch I'm calling PhotoPhace ( with a silly play on the name) Please take a look - I have a word version if you want to make it your own - adapt it or add to it. ( or replace my face!)

Please check it out and share your thoughts. We'll be trying this on Scratch Day... and with… Continue

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Added a link to the Scratch gallery at the Science Museum

Hi I just added a gallery to our list to look at that we call "Mini Projects" to the Galleries page. This is something we created for our teachers to add ideas and practical solutions to problems or questions that crop up in using Scratch with youth ( and adults ;-).

Also dont forget to look at the galleries of your peer libraries for ideas or inspiration or just because they're so cool!

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How to set up your Ning account to let you know when new updates or comments are made

Hi All we're learning on the go! I've been messing about with my settings in the MediaMashup Ning so I can be notified when new posts are made. Here's a picture
(below on this post) of how I set my notifications. ( and I did add "Discussions and Posts I reply to" as well)

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A little bit of info on the Lego WeDo

Hi all in the next version of Scratch, it will be able to control a new product from Lego called the WeDo. This came up as well in the call with Wilemett today. If interested in the PICO board this might be an interesting alternative.

The WeDo lets you control a Lego Motor with Scratch and included sensors. What might this mean? Perhaps a puppet show connected to a Scratch project - click on the cat on the screen in Scratch and a puppet you made with a motor connected to the tail...… Continue

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Geek Talk and ... whats coming with the next version of Scratch

Hi all,

We spoke to Brian, Janet and Bette today and I gave a little update on the update on Scratch. As I spoke about some of the changes I realized that I should just share the document that the developers post to describe what they'll be doing.

I realize that many of you will not be updating your 'images' but as Scratch can be run from a Flash drive, you may want to try it out when it becomes available.

The Scratch team may postpone the update until after Scratch… Continue

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Resource for Free Music!

Take a look at Free Music Archive:

"Coming this spring: an online digital library of curated music that will allow music fans, webcasters and podcasters to listen, download, and stream for free, with no restrictions, registration or fees. And it will all be legal."

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