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Congratulations to Cynthia and Jason

Both Cynthia and Jason have been selected by ALA to participate in an Emerging Leaders program during 2010. I'm not at all surprised and totally excited for both. If they represent the future of libraries, we're in excellent hands!

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Scratch handouts

I've shared some random Scratch handouts on Google Docs; feel free to use them if you think they're any good. I have several additional handouts (I've been calling them "Scratchlets") to share, but here's the issue: After running/supportng a Robocode tournament last summer my Toshiba died & now needs a new motherboard (or at least needs repair to the motherboard). So most of my stuff is trapped on a machine that won't boot up. I'll be adding more of these Scratchlets as I recover them. -… Continue

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Scratcher Must Read

Some great reading material here from the creators of Scratch. I've added this to our documents page as well for future reference.ACM Scratch November 2009.pdf

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Ricarose Roque visit with the Wilmette Game Design Club

Ricarose visited with a group of about 14 of our Game Design Club members this evening. We put out some pizza and snacks and had an informal Q & A (which also included RR's new husband, Brian Keegan, who is doing his Ph.D at Northwestern in Media Studies).

Following this dialogue Ricarose gave us a Starlogo TNG demonstration, with the kids following along on laptops. This was a great opportunity for some of our more engaged and active members, and I only regret that none of our… Continue

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But the cookies were so small...

We had an open studio here at Wilmette last night. Even though I only fed them a small amount of small cookies, the kids were totally hopped up on goofballs.

I worked with our trusty teen volunteer, Stephen. Nine kids showed up--almost a full house. We split up the group--new users on one side of the tables, experienced users on the other side. I gave the new users a basic intro to Scratch, then walked them through making a digital Magic 8 Ball. The experienced Scratchers, guided by… Continue

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MIT Scratch Team on Scratch

This is a really nice article by the creators of Scratch -- Scratch Programming for all.

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Today at our East Shelby Branch location

Today I had my first traveling program. I went out to our East Shelby Branch location with our laptops and microphones in honor of Teen Read Week. I had four participants who were very engaged, ethusiastic, and energetic. They recorded sounds, animated Sprites, and made some backgrounds. Unfortunately, East Shelby does not yet have Wireless service, and internet was not available in the Meeting Room we were using. I should be posting their projects soon and adding some photos to the Ning as… Continue

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Kudos to Kelly

Check out the newly released Digital Story Telling In Practice Library Technology Report that Kelly authored. Way to go!

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Workshop Guide

here's a nice guide to planning a workshop from ScratchEd - Workshop Design Guide

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Simple Animation with Text and Sound - edited for East Shelby Branch Program

Hey guys, here's a link to the program I am running at our East Shelby Branch location this Saturday. I edited the 'All About Me' Program that we ran during Teen Tech Camp this summer. Haven't completely finished it. Need to create a simple soundtrack for the walking robot and add some text as a lead in for the tutorial. Will post an update soon. Oh, I also embedded it in 'My Page' on the Ning.

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Umm, so...

No one showed up this Tuesday for our regularly scheduled lab time. Instead, John and I did some maintainence on the labtops and waited around. We closed up shop about thirty minutes before the end of the scheduled session. Still planning on running a Halloween Greeting Lab next week. We'll see if anyone shows!

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Videos from travels to Charlotte and Seattle

Hi All,
I was able to visit both coasts for terrific visits with Jason and Kelly in Charlotte and Mahina, Rachel, and Erica in Seattle. I took a little flip camera and captured a bit of both visits...
Thank you!

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WeDo + Scratch for storytelling?

Hi all I'm just back from an amazing trip to Seattle with Mahina, Rachel and Erica and an earlier trip to Charlotte with Kelly and Jason and the Imaginon.

In both of my visits I was able to see amazing innovations in library environments/ architecture!

- I brought a project idea out to share - the notion of doing storytelling of sorts with the WeDo robotics kit and Scratch to create puppets. I made a catfish puppet ( the original idea to bring a catfish was for Charlotte and a rich… Continue

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Scratchin' in Memphis...

Yes, we still are hosting Open Labs and Scratchin here in Memphis. We are trying to brainstorm how to reinvigorate our sessions. Attendance during the school year has dropped drastically.

Anyway, I am working on a formal session in honor of Teen Read Week that will run October 13th and October 27th. It's going to be a Halloween take on the Scratch Greeting Card that everyone ran earlier in the year.

Also in the works, I am going to be traveling to the East Shelby Branch… Continue

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Check out new Scratch + Wedo Projects!

At the end of the summer the LTC held a Scratch + Wedo exploration session for our teachers. The goal of the evening was to create a project that integrated the new Wedo and Scratch into an interesting project - but more importantly to come up with new and intriguing ideas for summer programming and drop-in sessions utilizing the new tools. The session was approximately three hours long, participants had varying levels of experience with Scratch (Scratchers and Scratch Masters) and all were new… Continue

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October CiL article by Jason Hyatt

I'm reading a very fine article in the October issue of Computers in Libraries about PLCMC's educational technology outreach programs. It was coauthored by Jason Hyatt - nice job Jason!

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Congrats to Jennifer!

Yay Jennifer!

Her book proposal based on the work of the IMLS project has been accepted by ALA Editions! Jennifer Nelson and Keith Braafladt will co-author a program guide for Scratch, as well as, a conversation about technology programming for youth in libraries.

Please join me in congratulating Jen!

Added by Sabrina Sutliff-Gross on September 2, 2009 at 1:56pm — 2 Comments

Scratch 1.4 + WeDo

One of the teachers in Learning Technologies at SMM has been experimenting with the newest version of Scratch and the Wedo (the cricket-like kit sold by LEGO that is Scratch compatible) He has created a driving game incorporating the distance sensor and the PICOboard hooks up to a steering wheel. Check out the… Continue

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The Digital Cafe is Open!

Hey everyone, our digital literary magazine is now online!

Lisa, our children's web librarian, and I pulled this together.

As you can see, the theme was food.

Bon appetit!

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Open Source Stop Motion Animation Software

Interested in trying stop motion animation at your library? The Learning Technologies switched over to SAM software this year after using Intel Play for the past 6+ years in their stop motion animation sessions. Some of our most successful sessions in the past have used simple torn paper characters with brass fastened moveable parts, 3M Scotch… Continue

Added by Sabrina Sutliff-Gross on August 25, 2009 at 2:00pm — 1 Comment

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