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Workshop at Brooklyn Park HCL

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Alicia and I held a two-part workshop this week at Brooklyn Park Library aimed at kids entering 5th and 6th grade. Two members from the Teen Tech Squad (teens employed by the library to teach technology programs) did the bulk of the instruction with assists from Alicia and me from time to time. We had 9 kids in the workshop, and our stated goal was to have the kids animate a character… Continue

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Creative Commons Sources for Sound

30+ Places to find creative commons media. Check out this resource for music and sound for Scratch projects.

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Workshop at Brookdale HCL

Disclaimer: sorry, this got kind of long. Feel free to skip to the project gallery at the end. :)

Last week Cynthia and I and another colleague held a two-part Scratch workshop for kids entering grades 5-6. We had a full turn-out of 12 kids one day and 14 the next. Our public training room has 13 computers, so we had to shoe-horn in a few laptops the second day. The focus was animation. Specifically, the seed idea was making a character, then making them a superhero with an… Continue

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Multimedia and Gaming Event

On Saturday night (7-9p) my library held an after hours program for all ages. We had a demonstration of Picknik (www.picknik.com) set up and had people take photos of themselves, edit, and print out. We had Garageband and keyboard set up to let people create tracks. We used the computer lab (16 PCs) to learn Scratch. It was great because families learned together. The parents jumped right in as well and created their own basic Scratch project. The youth were more experimental in creating their… Continue

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An approach to teaching Scratch

Fenway Gaming is a blog from a school library media specialist that taught a short course for high school sophomores on gaming that incorporated Scratch.

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Media Mashup Featured Gallery

Hi Everyone

After talking with Kelly I've changed the home page and added an RSS feed for a featured gallery. To add projects to this gallery so they show up on the MashUp home page,

- go to a project you like

- underneath, click on the "Add to Gallery"

- on the top of the gallery list, you'll see a button called "shared by my friends" ( hopefully we are all friends)

- click this and one of the galleries that show up should be the "Media-MashUp featured… Continue

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Project Posting Test

Scratch Project

This is a Scratch project posting in a blog.( Its actually for Kelly from her library) The blogs do not let us put the cool embed HTML code into them so we can just see the project here... they only allow us to link to an image of the project with a link to the Scratch site.

Its a limitation of the Ning site. But actually I've found this works a bit better because loading the Scratch project takes… Continue

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chasing game gallery?

I'm looking for a gallery for 'chasing games' like the one we creating in our training in the spring. Can anyone help?


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Yet Another Open Studio @ WPL

Saturday afternoon I ran my third open studio. I was kind of nervous about this open studio, as the last one only drew one kid, and as of Thursday, we only had three kids signed up. Plus it was scheduled for a Saturday afternoon in May, right before school gets out, a busy time around here. Not promising. Fortunately, we had several sign-ups on Saturday morning, plus a few random drop-ins. We had 7 kids, which was just great. Perhaps some of the Scratch Day publicity carried over.

I… Continue

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New Gravity tutorial posted on the Docs page!

Ever elusive GRAVITY found here:

or here: http://mediamashup.ning.com/page/documents-1

Don't let this series of blocks intimidate you! Coming up - 4- way… Continue

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