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Scratch Day at SMM

I just posted a new album with a few notes about our Scratch Day here:

Take a look! Attached here is a teaser and our final schedule of sessions.



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Hot off the press!

Just posted a new tutorial for Teen Tech Camp, and our Media Mashup Labs. Any thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? All are appreciated.
Stay tuned, cause there's gunna be a handout!

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MPL Open Lab 05/26/2009

Hi everyone,

Sorry I couldn't post last night. Summer is officially here and so too our busiest time in Library-land. We had a great Open Lab Session yesterday. We had twelve participants. Most of our audience are consistently tweens, but yesterday afternoon there were five older teens in attendance. We are talking about splitting the sessions up so that we have programming in Children's for the younger participants, and a separate time for the older guys in the YA area. This would do two… Continue

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Digital Storytelling

Here are some websites that provide more information on digital storytelling that maybe helpful to you as you think about ways to engage youth with Scratch. Much of the information about digital storytelling focuses on how to use the tools; my goal was to collect resources related to how to tell stories and work with youth to get them to tell stories.

Center for Digital Storytelling

Check out the resources page…


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Free Sound Effects

Hey guys,

This site went around our library system a while back, and I found it again preparing for Teen Tech Camp. The site is

This is what our Technical Trainer had to say about the site:

"Soungle is an easy way to search for free sound effects. Just be aware that you might want to play around with different keywords - A search for 'airplane' has only one result, whereas a search for 'plane has 10 and 'jet has another 10. All audio clips are easily… Continue

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Photos from Wilmette Scratch Day

Check out the photos Janet posted from Scratch Day-- looks like it was a good turn out and fun! Thanks Team Wilmette!

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Scratch Day in the media

This page links to a couple articles about Scratch Day that appeared in the national media. Check out Phil Shapiro's (Washington Post or PC World) he provides links to resources for teaching Scratch that you might find valuable.

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Scratch Day

We celebrated Scratch Day here this Saturday. In fact, we were the only library (or school or community center or anything else) in Illinois to do so. We had a small crowd in our Youth Program Room. There were 13 kids, which turned out to be a good size because everyone had a computer. First the kids showed off their completed projects on the projector/screen. We saw everything from someone's first simple animation to this one kid's program that looked to be some kind of operating system. After… Continue

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Third series of formal 2-part workshops - Wilmette

The first workshop was structured in the same manner as past workshops: a demonstration of sample Scratch projects; an exploration of the Scratch website; the Scratch intro video; an exploration of the Scratch design environment followed by a period of unstructured exploration.

For the second workshop I tried something different. This time, rather than lead everyone through an overarching project, I invited each participant to work on something of their own, while my teen tech… Continue

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Teaching Scratch using Scratch.

Hey guys,

Mary, John, and I have been kicking around the idea of teaching Scratch using Scratch for our Teen Tech Camp. Mostly, this would allow us to become really familiar with the programming language, but also we can then embed the Scratch program in our Teen Page and it could be accessed from anywhere - by anyone. This also seems to open up opportunities with future programming at our branches, which are a little understaffed at the moment.

Anyway, check out the first… Continue

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Another Open Lab in Memphis...

Today was not the best session. We couldn't connect to the internet. Then somehow the session began to take a music focus. I showed a few participants Audacity, which they quickly gave up on. Then, we began trying to make some beats and interesting things to record by using a Scratch/Audacity combo. I think they learned a lot and experienced some new things, but it was crazy.

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Open Studio - Create a Greeting Card for Your Digital Mom

On May 6 (in time for Mother's Day) a colleague of mine-Theresa-and I held an open lab with Scratch. We did a 'tech on wheels' program in our Story Lab which is the foyer area at my library. We had a laptop opened to Scratch, a digital camera, and headphones for Audacity. Theresa took pictures that we showed the middle schoolers how to import as a sprite. They then used a background photo for the stage. They recorded themselves with Audacity (that was their favorite part-hearing themselves!).… Continue

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Introduction to Sabrina Sutliff-Gross

We're adding a new staff to the Media Mashup team.

Sabrina Sutliff-Gross is currently working as Sr. Program Coordinator in my department at the Science Museum.

Sabrina brings an amazing amount of experience to the MashUp project. She has coordinated and taught the summer and school-year programs that the Learning Technologies Center runs for youth and also coordinated programs for our Adult Group Programs - workshops conferences and lectures - she's pretty amazing! As well she has… Continue

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Please post some images of your library workshop spaces

Hi Everyone,

Please take a couple photos of where you do your programs; the environment, details of the space ( and it would be wonderful if you could have some images of patrons as well!

1 Add your photos

2 jot down some details of what the image shows

3 create a new album for your library and add your photos to it.

I uploaded a few older images of North Regional Library from the Hennepin County Library system, and perhaps Aaron you can add some more recent… Continue

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Trying to organize documentation

Hi Everyone,

I've added a tab "Documents" to try to add some organization to the documentation we're all creating for programs.

- check it out - I've just added an outline of an introductory activity with Scratch I'm calling PhotoPhace ( with a silly play on the name) Please take a look - I have a word version if you want to make it your own - adapt it or add to it. ( or replace my face!)

Please check it out and share your thoughts. We'll be trying this on Scratch Day... and with… Continue

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Added a link to the Scratch gallery at the Science Museum

Hi I just added a gallery to our list to look at that we call "Mini Projects" to the Galleries page. This is something we created for our teachers to add ideas and practical solutions to problems or questions that crop up in using Scratch with youth ( and adults ;-).

Also dont forget to look at the galleries of your peer libraries for ideas or inspiration or just because they're so cool!

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Website for Documents related to the project

Here is the Media MashUp page at Hennepin County Library's Extranet. I'll be using it to post reports and newsletters for wider ease of distribution. Please feel free to forward the link to anyone you know who is interested in the project.

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Scratch project to promote our Summer Reading Program

This was created by Molly, one of our teen tech volunteers, to promote our summer reading program:

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Seattle Public has had it's first few programs!

Alright…so we had two days of programs with a captive audience. We won’t get to really see Scratch in wild (i.e. drop-in audience) until July and August. Rachael and I are planning 7 days of workshops and open labs in July and August as well as two days doing outreach at one of local YMCA tech programs. So, don’t be surprised by our silence until then! We’re lurking, don’t worry :o)

About the programs…

Rachael and I are both newbies to Scratch. So, overall, we were pleased… Continue

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