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So, I need a little help with the idea of "gravity" in Scratch.

We've accomplished quite a few things with the idea of "sensing", that is sensing when one color is and is not on top of another color. But, this approach is a little buggy and I decided perhaps we should set up "gravity" as a variable. I thought, naively enough that if "gravity" was set as 0, I could program things that were greater than zero to "fall" to zero gravity. It's not working so far. Just cannot completely wrap my head around it. Any suggestions?

Just trying to help user… Continue

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The Youth Survey Worked!

We had another rather successful Open Lab here in Memphis today. We were expecting our regular crowd, but nearly half of our attendees were new. The regulars began the session by trying out the Youth Survey, which hadn't worked for us before. Today the survey was a success.

The noobs started out playing around on Scratch, getting a feel for the projects already posted and the social aspects of ScratchR. Then I started introducing the program to them. Before long they were making some… Continue

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Changes to the Reflection form on Survey Gizmo

Hi Everyone,

It is now possible to get a copy of your reflection sent to you from Survey Gizmo. If you would like to get email copies of your reflection please enter your email address when prompted at the end of the survey and it will email you a copy. It looks like it's coming from me, but it is automated.

This should help you keep track of your reflections and will let you cut and paste from the email to post to this Ning site.

Hope this makes it easier for… Continue

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Ubuntu (linux) and Scratch

We had a Dell Inspiron 1501 that had been donated last year to our annual Teen Technology Camp that was giving us a lot of trouble (original version of Vista took 10 - 15 minutes just to boot up), so it became the test bed.

Well after many failed attempts at downloading and creating my own Ubuntu disk (would download about 80% in about an hour using high speed connection and then lose the connection) the one I ordered from the Ubuntu website arrived.

For the most part it… Continue

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Computer Clubhouse Network

Hi everyone,

I wanted to let you know about the Computer Clubhouse Network www.computerclubhouse.org

The network is a group of 100+ centers that provide spaces dedicated for youth to do computer programming with software including Scratch.

If you're looking for examples of what youth spaces can be, these are great examples. The Clubhouses are at least partly funded by Intel, and they're not cheap to run (~$77k/year) but… Continue

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Story telling in Scratch

In several of our recent check in conversations staff have mentioned an interested in thinking about how to use Scratch for story telling and narrative. I've been reviewing various sets of projects on the scratch site with that in mind. Please let me know if you're interested in the topic for workshop planning. I'll be creating a gallery and posting idea-projects there in the near future. And if you know something about story telling, please let everyone know!

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Scratch Music Projects Question

Hi all,
I was looking for some music projects created with Scratch. I think it'd be a way to introduce our teens to Scratch that are already heavily involved in creating music with other programs. Jennifer shared these which I think were really helpful:



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Greetings and a short note on multiple accounts on the Scratch website

Hello everyone and thanks Keith for inviting me to post here!

Keith recently asked me if there were any limitations on the number of accounts per IP address. The answer is no.

There are no limitations in regards to accounts per IP. The message we started showing recently when trying to create multiple accounts from the same IP is just a reminder so people don't create multiple

accounts for "evil" purposes.

We're doing a bit of a redesign of the signup page… Continue

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How to set up your Ning account to let you know when new updates or comments are made

Hi All we're learning on the go! I've been messing about with my settings in the MediaMashup Ning so I can be notified when new posts are made. Here's a picture (below on this post) of how I set my notifications. ( and I did add "Discussions and Posts I reply to" as well)…


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A little bit of info on the Lego WeDo

Hi all in the next version of Scratch, it will be able to control a new product from Lego called the WeDo. This came up as well in the call with Wilemett today. If interested in the PICO board this might be an interesting alternative.

The WeDo lets you control a Lego Motor with Scratch and included sensors. What might this mean? Perhaps a puppet show connected to a Scratch project - click on the cat on the screen in Scratch and a puppet you made with a motor connected to the tail...… Continue

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Geek Talk and ... whats coming with the next version of Scratch

Hi all,

We spoke to Brian, Janet and Bette today and I gave a little update on the update on Scratch. As I spoke about some of the changes I realized that I should just share the document that the developers post to describe what they'll be doing.

I realize that many of you will not be updating your 'images' but as Scratch can be run from a Flash drive, you may want to try it out when it becomes available.

The Scratch team may postpone the update until after Scratch… Continue

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Open Lab today here in Memphis.

We had another successful Open Lab today in Memphis. Only five of our regulars participated, and everyone spent a lot of time enjoying different Featured Projects on the Scratch website. A few worked on extended projects/games that they have been developing for a while.

All in all, it was a laid back and fun session.
Hillary Pesson

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Scratch Cards Expansion Pack

Does anyone out there use Scratch cards? Do you find them helpful? Are there functions that you wish were diagrammed on Scratch cards, but that currently aren't? Alicia, Keith, Jen and I talked about Scratch cards yesterday and how we'd like to see more complex Scratch cards for the people who already know the basics. We talked about having different levels of cards (the existing set is for newbies, there might be a set for intermediates and another set for the experts.) We also talked about… Continue

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open lab at HCL-Brookdale

I'm a bit behind in my blogging here. The last Saturday in March was my second informal Scratch open lab. It was the first one since we got our snazzy new Bamboo drawing pads, so drawing made a natural focus. We used both Scratch and Art Rage; some kids just messed around with drawing, and others incorporated it into some kind of Scratch project.

The attendance numbers for "formal" and open lab sessions have been pretty similar so far, but the open labs feel more successful to me. I… Continue

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Scratch Workshop at the Free Library of Philadelphia

This week, I am presenting three Scratch workshops at the Free Library of Philadelphia. Today, I had an amazing group of teens who were genuinely interested in Scratch and the associate programs. I had the laptops on tables set up in a U-shape around my own which was attached to the projector. This allowed the teens to easily follow what I was doing on the screen, and promoted collaborative work amongst them.

I began with an introduction to the Scratch program and its website. I… Continue

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another WPL open studio

This one was another learning experience. The open studio was scheduled for Saturday morning, 10-12. We had three kids signed up...and only one showed up! It was me, our teen volunteer Molly, and this one kid. He had been to a couple Scratch workshops before, so he was pretty proficient. However, he was unfamiliar with the Scratch website, so Molly and I showed him how to get started. Then he was off and running. Since he couldn't collaborate with his actual peers, he collaborated with Molly… Continue

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Hanging Out, Messing Around, Geeking Out

There's a creative commons version of a new book published as part of the MacArthur Foundation's Digital Youth Project; the primary author/leader researcher on the project was MImi Ito. The book addresses informal learning with digital media, and while I haven't read it all, I've read much of what Ito's written in the past, and it's excellent. Here's a link to the full text: Hanging Out.

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