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PLA - Over and Out

Kelly, Erica Sternin (Seattle), Janet and Hedra Packman (Free Library/Philadelphia) did a wonderful job at our presentation on Friday afternoon. We had a nice turn out - I think the room held about 250 and it was almost full. Our audience was interested and engaged and had lots of practical questions - the idea of using flash drives to avoid issues of network security seemed to capture a lot of interest.

Thanks to each of you for your time and energy!

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Teen Tech Squad Road Show: Sumner

The Brooklyn Park Library's Teen Tech Squad went on the road to lead a workshop at Sumner Library in Minneapolis last week. None of us had ever visited this library before so it was kind of cool to see a completely different building in a completely different community.

The workshop took place in a meeting room in the basement of this split-level library. After a rocky start with various technology mishaps, the youth instructors launched into their workshop presentation with…


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Light Drop-in Traffic on a Friday

I set up an informal drop-in Scratch workshop in the Children's area here at Brookdale last Friday. Unfortunately, Fridays are one of our quietest times, and traffic was light.

All but one of the 4 kids who stopped in were pressed for time, so there wasn't a lot of time to let them poke around and explore. I showed them how to make or import a sprite, how to add costume changes, and a few rudimentary blocks for costume change and movement. Here's the only project I was able to… Continue

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Spring Scratch at Rogers Library

I was pinch-hitting for Cynthia earlier this month and got to assist the Teen Tech Squad with a workshop at Rogers, one of the more outlying branches in HCL.

There were 6 boys in 4th and 5th grade, and none of them had used Scratch before. The teens gave a fairly brief introduction to the Scratch website. Then they went through just the basic functions: how to find or make a sprite, and how to make costumes; stamping, cutting, and enlarge/shrink; a few basic command and motion blocks.… Continue

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Tennessee Library Association Presentation

Hi everyone!

Our TLA Presentation was yesterday morning, and it went off without a hitch. Well, except we ran out of 'play time' just as everyone was really getting into exploring Scratch. There was someone there who was posting our presentation to School Library Journal as we were presenting. [Glad I didn't know about that at the time, or I would have been more nervous than I already was!] I haven't had much time to search for the post this morning, but I as soon as I find…


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Ubuntu 9.1

Okay guys,

I have successfully downloaded Unubtu 9.1. But, now I am unsure how to get the OS burned to a disk or on a USB drive. I also downloaded a program called usblive-creator. But, the problem is I don't know how to get a Linux system to run these programs once I download them. Guess I have gotten lazy with all the Windows/Mac wizards that install everything for you!

Any helpful hints/suggestions?

BTW, I haven't forgotten about posting pictures and…


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Check out the Map!

We've added a Google map of the project sites and dissemination travels below on the home page. Send us additions, corrections or edits. This project is big!

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Widgets, Gadgets, and Gizmos...otherwise known as Adventures in Pico Boarding!

Hi all,

We had a great Teen Tech Week session here in Memphis today! [I was worried because Tuesday no one showed up for an Open Lab Session :( ] Today we had eight really engaged, bright teens and tweens. I think our youngest was nine. I began the session by walking everyone through the steps to build a simple circuit (like we all did in Minneapolis training). Then, we all added switches to our circuits. After much fumbling, everyone was on board. Then we moved to Scratch and wrote…


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Teen Tech Camp and computer configuration?

Hi all,

As we gear up here in Memphis for our annual Teen Tech Camp, I have a few questions about computer configuration. We have an available group of laptops here at the library that are off the server, and out of the system. It's a great setup when you want to add or delete programs, and perform updates. But, it has led to a situation where about half of our laptops are running Ubuntu (linux OS) and about half are running some variation of Windows. We would love to have all…


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