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Library Specific Youth Surveys

Hi Everyone,

I just added a new feature to the youth surveys that will give you access to the surveys from your library (thanks Janet) Now they have to indicate which state they live in so I can sort them.

I can get you survey gizmo generated reports throughout the process on the youth who participate from your library. If people could let me know about how often they want reports I can get them to you. It could be once a year, once every 6 months, in the middle of the… Continue

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Here's what I thought about our second Media Mash-up Open Studio.

So, I was really pumped and hopeful about last session. We had so many teens!

But, this session was a little more laid back. We only had three teens. They were repeat attendees, AND they came with ideas. Like full pages of notes, or examples of other Scratch programs that they were interested in emulating. Wow! I could hardly believe it. One teen had even gone home and set up an account, friended a user, set up Favorites, and made or remixed like three projects. He was great. I taught him… Continue

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TMI in a nutshell

Hey everyone, I realized that I sent out a ton of information last week asking for you to do specific things. So in the interests of trying to provide clear information, here's a summary of the steps you need to take in implementing your library's Media MashUp work.

1. Select dates for workshops/open labs and post on the Google Calendar (or send to me for posting).

2. Add an outline or description of what you'll be teaching to Google Docs and share with everyone (or just me and… Continue

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Animation introduction hand-out: Take a look

Hi all,

I was looking at Hillary's and Alicia's posts and thought it would be great to have you look at an animation outline we've made for teachers. Here is a link to the PDF I posted on Google docs. Sadly google docs doesn't support the images in my Word document so if you want a Word copy, I've attached that to this blog post as a file.…


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A Star in our Midst

Checkout this awesome article about Kelly and her work at Imaginon. Thanks for the project mention, too, btw.

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Killa bunnies and more

I held my first Scratch workshop of the year on Thursday: Make an eValentine. Overall, I was very encouraged by how it went. Cynthia came over from her library to be my wing man, which was immensely helpful, and the 2 drawing tablets she brought were very popular. I also had a teen volunteer who is new to Scratch but learning fast. I tied in this workshop with my regular weekly after school program, so the teens who came weren't there specifically to learn Scratch or even for this project. But… Continue

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Please send me your Library Gallery addresses...

Hi Everyone,
I have your personal Scratch users but not all of the Addresses ( just copy the URL) of your Library User/Galleries... could you send me those and I'll post them above in the "Galleries" link. I just grabbed Aarons and Cynthias

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Tech-Bio Notes

While Kirsten, Molly and Kate have lots more analysis of the Tech Bios ahead, I thought I'd share some of the pieces I found interesting. I'll leave any assessment of the meaning to Kate, Molly and Kirsten.

75% of us received (or are working on) a graduate degree since 2000. There was a clear difference in 'age and stage' with the history -- those of us that are older talked more about things like color tvs, programming with punch cards, buying a first computer as an adult; the… Continue

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Itching to start Scratching

Last week we had our first two Scratch meetings. Brian led them, and our teen volunteer Stephen helped. I was there, too, half observing and half helping out. It was really interesting to see the way the kids reacted to learning the program, especially the first night. They were all enthusiastic (with the possible exception of the poor kid whose mom insisted on staying). Some of them totally wanted to be building crazy World of Warcraft games and went off on their own. Others pretty much… Continue

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So, we had our very first drop-in session of Media Mash-up today [here in Memphis]...

...it was great. We had ten teens who were very enthusiastic. From the beginning they were interested in game making and animation. Whew. Initially, there was a little frustration, but it wasn't long before some "Awesome"s rang out. They stayed way over time, and the only thing that broke them away from the computers was a short session of Katamari Damacy.

No one wanted to post today, but we did have a few programs that we saved to jump drives. Hopefully, the 24th's session will result in… Continue

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In the works at PLCMC

We're going to make Scratch available at a branch computer lab for our Teen Tech Week kick off party. There will be other events at the branch as well, but that will be an option in the lab. We plan on having a project and screen to let people know what's going on as well.

I installed Scratch on 8 laptops today for a branch program during TTW (not the same as the kick off). I kept getting an annoying error message and it seemd that our laptop's virus scan didn't like it so once I… Continue

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Freebies! (and what I've done re: Scratch lately)

About a year ago, a 16mm film afficionado donated a couple of boxes of films (that had been in the attic of his garage), a couple of projectors, and a screen to my department at the library. The films were (of course) dissolving and stinky, the projectors needed parts that haven't been available since 1962, and we just stood the screen in the corner of the workroom and forgot about it, since we already have a nice one in the story time room.

Well, we're hearing through the grapevine… Continue

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Games for Change

Maybe you've heard of Games for Change -- the gist being that games can be used to promote social change. Now here's a place to create Games for Change. Take a look and see what you think: Making Games for Change

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Global Game Jam

There was this cool sounding event over the weekend called Global Game Jam. It sounds like hundreds of people across the world spent 48 hours developing games. Here's a link to the website, Global Game Jam. Check out the Game Browser link to see the variety of games created.

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first blog post on the new Ning site

Hi all, we've made a new decision: this website: http://mediamashup.ning.com/ will become our Media MashUp portal until the Scratch-Ed site is finished and open for business.

Karen Brennen ( who is leading the Scratch-Ed.org development) is hard at work now with a small group of developers to finish the site. It looks like early spring may be when it opens. In the meantime, I've started this website that will serve in place of the Scratch-Ed.

Ning websites are… Continue

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Staying with Google Calendar...

Hi - I thought I'd table the calendar question on ning for now - I've embedded our google calendar on the main page.
- Please don't forget to blog post about preparation, materials, plans, and a how your workshop went after ...

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