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New Scratch Game booklet

We have a new improved and updated Scratch Game booklet for Scratch 2.0. Kelley Meister, and instructor at the Science Museum just reviewed and revised the new edition! The booklet is a printable pdf (in color or b/w) you can give out to your Scratchers to help support the game design process. We've found this is a great way to design and develop ideas into games, and to take notes throughout the development process.

Dowload: …


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Media Mashup book

The American Library Association published a book based on the Media Mashup project. You can find it on the  ALA website, and an…


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YALSA 30 Days of How-tos

Sarah Ludwig blogged about how to learn Scratch over on the YALSA blog. She gave a nice shout out to Media Mashup:

Media Mashup. This site, created especially for libraries, offers a lot of cool stuff, including its screencasts page. The pirate ship tutorial was the single-most-useful thing I did in preparing to teach Scratch. I probably said “ohhhhh, OKAY,” about a…


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Scratch Books

I just put together a new resource page based on some work done by some LTC teachers at the Science Museum this summer. You can find it here:

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Learnings From Media Mashup

Over the past several weeks I've had the chance to look at some of the data collected as a part of the Media Mashup evaluation, including:

  • Data on youth use of Scratch in formal and informal Media Mashup learning environments.
  • Continued use of Scratch by youth that took part in Media Mashup programs.
  • 21st century skill acquisition as a part of formal and informal Scratch programs.

Discoveries related to youth that participated in…


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Try out Clutter!

Clutter is a new Scratch website that lets you link projects together. Go to

This may be a great way to explore projects such…


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Yay! Drawing Tablets! ...and MyPaint

Hey guys,

I finally have had some success installing our brand new Bamboo Drawing Tablets. We, in Memphis, had kind of been at an impasse as far as a replacement for ArtRage in Ubuntu. After a suggestion on an internet site, I have downloaded MyPaint. It is great. If you have drawing tablets, it's the perfect application! Not only is it free, but it offers much more creative possibilities than the free version of ArtRage 2.5. Enough commercial time, off to play!…


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Help. :)

Hey guys,

Teen Tech Camp 2010 went very well here in Memphis. I haven't posted any projects though. Fortunately/ Unfortunately our wireless network went to an Aruba based system and I didn't have the foresight to update the drivers on our computers. :) Lesson learned.

The great news is that now we have some funds for wireless mice and drawing tablets. We've purchased the Bamboo tablets by Wacom. The mice are plug and play, but I am having some difficulty with the tablets. I… Continue

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YALSA Virtual Conference

You all did a wonderful job- hope you enjoy hearing the fruits of your labors! http://

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Basic and 'Advanced' Concepts in Scratch

Hey guys,

Thanks again for all the wonderful ideas and inspiration last week. Our meeting gave me a much needed boost of energy heading into the summer. Today I made two 'sample' Scratch Programs. A very basic one following the Introduction to Animation directions, and a Magic 8 Ball inspired by Janet's project.

The basic one I am thinking of running with our 6-12 year old crowd. If we make it past the basics, then I am thinking of introducing the 'sound'…


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Scratch + Google Maps mashup -

This is part of the My Excellent Vacation template- a project to bring together Scratch and google docs!

Here's the link if you want to use and share this.

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Three updated templates

Hi all,

Cynthia, Sabrina, Jen and myself have been working on our template that we will be using for the documents generated by the project. Here are three working docs. These include the IMLS attributions.

I'm attaching them as pdf's but they are all MS Word docs in the .doc form or .docx. We'll take a look at them in our final meeting in Minneapolis as well.

A simple 2-page intro to Scratch:…


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Whew! that was something: Science Museum Scratch Day 2010!

We hosted about 12 scratch workshops this day! We had about 80 family participants ( we sold out the sessions) throughout the day. We tried some Media Mashup -created programming.... Magic 8Ball - thanks Janet!

And even gave away 6 Scratchday computers with Ubuntu operating system on them - provided by a local group of FreeGeekers! ( you would have been proud, Hillary)

- volunteers galore!

All in all it was a very nice day...… Continue

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Scratch with 6-12 yr olds!

On June 29th my co-workers in the Children’s Department and I are running a Scratch program for children ranging in age from 6-12. I haven’t run a program with participants quite this young. This change has come as a result of meeting two phenomenal nine year olds, pacsponge and flimflamjj. They took to Scratch more quickly than my teens and have made some really great programs in the process.

Any suggestions/experiences working with younger…


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Bringing the mountain to Mohammed Part II

James from the Teen Tech Squad and I did another Scratch session at the Zanewood Recreation Center during their after school programming time. Like our last visit, we were given space to set our 6 laptops up in the gaming room where there's a Wii, pool tables, a huge TV and a very loud radio. There were fewer kids at Zanewood overall than there were last month. The staff attributed this to 1)nicer weather and 2)students spending more time finishing up big end-of-year projects. Regardless, all 6… Continue

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Scratch Day @ WPL

Hey everyone,

We had a Scratch Day celebration this Saturday.Some good stuff came out of it and I want to tell you about it! I had help from our teen/tween volunteers and also Jeff Sweeton from the computer clubhouse (Brian's worked with him before) and Ricarose Roque, a computer program developer at Northwestern who's going to work on the Scratch team at MIT next year.

We had about 40-50 people there, kids and adults. A few librarians from local libraries stopped by, looking for… Continue

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Teen Tech Camp 2010

Hey guys,

Still trying to resolve some Ubuntu bug issues and sounds in Scratch. Unfortunately, due to the flooding here in Tennessee our internet capabilites here have been sporatic. Still trying to find a friend or co-worker with internet access and the ability to burn a LiveCD of Ubuntu 9.1 or higher!

Also, at a meeting yesterday, I was informed that I will be teaching Teen Tech Camp again. It seems our outside instructor has fallen through. :) So, now I am…


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Bringing the mountain to Mohammed

Cynthia, myself, and Toby from the Teen Tech Squad brought 6 laptops and 4 drawing pads to the after school program at Zanewood Recreation Center, which is located about 4 blocks from a junior high. We were set up around a round table in the game room alongside the Wii, pool table, TV, etc. We didn't have a theme or project this time, but as it turned out the drawing pads were a draw (no pun intended), so that got the ball rolling. We instructors circulated and helped kids individually. Having… Continue

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PLA - Over and Out

Kelly, Erica Sternin (Seattle), Janet and Hedra Packman (Free Library/Philadelphia) did a wonderful job at our presentation on Friday afternoon. We had a nice turn out - I think the room held about 250 and it was almost full. Our audience was interested and engaged and had lots of practical questions - the idea of using flash drives to avoid issues of network security seemed to capture a lot of interest.

Thanks to each of you for your time and energy!

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Teen Tech Squad Road Show: Sumner

The Brooklyn Park Library's Teen Tech Squad went on the road to lead a workshop at Sumner Library in Minneapolis last week. None of us had ever visited this library before so it was kind of cool to see a completely different building in a completely different community.

The workshop took place in a meeting room in the basement of this split-level library. After a rocky start with various technology mishaps, the youth instructors launched into their workshop presentation with…


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